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So I’m trying something a wee bit different with my blog this year! I want it to embody more about my lifestyle. Something most of your probably know about me is that I LOVE tea. I always say, there is a drink for every mug and a mug for every mood – I also have quite a mismatched mug collection. See my tea collection below! There are some hidden ones in the back, as well – it has gotten a bit, wonderfully out of control and there are a bunch of new teas I haven’t had the chance to try yet!


My tea collection is getting out of control!

So today, I’m going to do my first tea review! I adore masala chai – for me, it speaks to my culture and reminds me of special occasions – we wouldn’t really have a nice, sweet cup of masala chai on a Tuesday night – there had to be something to celebrate! But sometimes, you just want a hot cup of tradition without boiling it on the stove with all the spices and ginger and the loads of sugar and milk/cream (side note: if you do want a wicked awesome and authentic cup of masala chai worth cheering for, check out this recipe from One Life to Eat).

I’ve tried masala tea blends from the grocery store – Tazo, Stash, you name it but they were all super heavy on cloves. Cloves are the kind of spice that are best kept in the background – they’re subtly sweet but this sweetness quickly turns to an acrid bitterness when used in large quantities. Just when I thought I would never get over my search for a ready-made masala chai, in stepped the PC masala chai blend – it is the best chai blend I’ve found thus far. It has hints of ginger and star anise and with a little milk and sugar, you’ll have a warm cup of heaven in no time! I still will say that nothing seems to beat the authentic chai that’s bubbled on the stove with cream and sugar – but this comes pretty close!

So if you’re a tea fan like me, give this one a try! Bonus: it’s totally affordable and comes in bags so it’s perfect if you don’t have a steeper 🙂 Let me know what you think! Do you have any great tea finds?